Why Pediatric Dentistry Stresses Importance of Keeping Child’s Baby Teeth

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Sep 9 2020, 03:13 AM

You might be wondering why it is a good idea to take your child to a pediatric dentistry appointment. You will be surprised to learn that the baby teeth are almost as important as the permanent teeth. Visiting a pediatric dentist regularly is necessary in order to keep the baby teeth healthy. Read on to learn more about the importance of baby teeth.

Alignment and position of the teeth

The primary teeth make space for the permanent teeth to come in. The baby teeth also guide the permanent teeth into the right position. If a child loses a baby tooth because of decay or an accident, the other teeth will start to drift. When the permanent tooth comes in, there will not be enough space for it. The permanent tooth can end up coming in crooked. In some cases, it can even be blocked from coming in altogether.

Having healthy permanent teeth

A child’s permanent teeth develop near the roots of the baby teeth. Baby teeth are much smaller than the permanent teeth. The enamel on baby teeth is thinner, so the cavities can spread faster. If a cavity is not treated in a baby tooth, then the tooth can have an infection.

This can even become an abscess, which is a more serious infection. When the baby tooth is infected, then the permanent tooth may not develop properly. This can cause damage to the underlying tooth as well. It will be harder to treat if this happens.

Proper nutrition and health

The teeth are needed so the child can chew. If a child has cavities that cause dental pain, then the child may have nutritional deficiencies. This happens when the child cannot chew food properly. If the cavities are not treated, then an infection can happen.

An infection can spread to the other teeth and parts of the body. It can even spread to the brain. That would be an emergency situation requiring hospitalization. Unfortunately, a dental abscess can cause death in children.

Development of speech

The cheeks, tongue, and lips use the teeth to form sounds. The baby teeth need to be positioned properly to help children form words for speech. The structure of the teeth can also support facial muscles. This is important as the facial muscles continue to develop and shape the child’s face.

Self-esteem and concentration

If a child has dental pain, it can negatively affect performance in school. This can prevent them from learning. Decayed teeth also affect a child’s self-esteem. This can cause a child to miss school. Parents might miss work for emergency dental appointments for children.

Choose pediatric dentistry today

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist regularly can help prevent many health problems. Pediatric dentistry emphasizes keeping baby teeth because they play such a big role in health. Your child’s dentist can tell you how often to bring your child in. Making an appointment today might save your child pain later on.

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