When should I consider porcelain veneers?

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Feb 10 2021, 07:22 AM

Porcelain veneers are thin restorations fabricated from dental-grade ceramic. They are used for cosmetic dental procedures when patients need to get teeth that are broken, chipped, discolored, spaced too far apart, etc., restored to their original form. Though veneers are mainly used to improve the appearance of one’s smile, they strengthen the structure of the teeth and help improve their functionality.

Are you happy with your smile?

Have you ever looked at someone’s smile and wished that you had a smile as good as theirs? Well, there isn’t much that we can do by ourselves to change the appearance of our smile except brush and floss every day, or perhaps try out over-the-counter teeth whitening gel. But, what would you do if your teeth are misshapen or chipped? How would you get rid of the excessive spacing between adjacent teeth? How would you get them to look perfectly shaped so that you can smile with confidence again?

Cosmetic dentistry to the rescue!

Cosmetic dentistry aims at making your smile appear more appealing. It may involve using certain tooth-restorations or merely making modifications to the existing oral structures such as the teeth, gums, jawbone, etc. When it comes to treating teeth that are chipped, broken, misshapen, cracked, spaced unevenly, or discolored, the go-to solution is porcelain veneers.

When should you consider getting veneers?

  • Broken/cracked teeth: A veneer helps to hold the structure of a tooth intact by offering support. Whenever you experience oral trauma and sustain a broken tooth, the chances of the tooth developing an infection are high. In fact, you may entirely lose the tooth as it may have to be extracted. Your dentist would assess the condition and let you know if a veneer can be used to restore the tooth.
  • Chipped teeth: Sometimes, biting into a hard object or receiving a strong blow to the mouth could chip your teeth. The condition can be quite painful and may lead to an infection. Hence, getting the tooth restored using a veneer will help to bring it back to its original form.
  • Discolored teeth:Excessive consumption of colored foods or improper brushing of the teeth can result in discoloration. This makes one’s smile appear aesthetically displeasing. Bonding a veneer to the frontal surface of the teeth helps cover the discoloration and gives the patient a whiter and more appealing smile.
  • Unevenly spaced teeth:Do you see large, displeasing gaps between your teeth that make you feel conscious of your smile? This could be the result of drifting of teeth or simply a wider dental arch. Lucky for you, such gaps can easily be gotten rid of by using veneers. The dentist would take precise digital molds of your teeth and have the veneers fabricated. Once the veneers are attached to the teeth, your smile would look better than ever with teeth that are spaced perfectly.

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