Veneers as an Alternative to Braces for Teeth Straightening

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on May 4 2020, 06:24 AM

Did you know that dental veneers can serve as an alternative to braces? These oral restorations provide faster results than traditional teeth straightening treatments like metal braces or clear aligners. Veneers are tooth-shaped shells that fit over the front surface of teeth. Their role is to hide any deformities, flaws, and poor alignment behind them.

How veneers are used as an alternative to braces and clear aligners

Veneers can be used to fix some orthodontic issues like crooked teeth and spaces between teeth. Veneers can be placed in a way so that they create the appearance of straight teeth and the process can be completed in as little as two weeks. Conventional teeth straightening with braces takes somewhere between one to two years for most orthodontic issues.

If the main issue with the patient's teeth is their alignment, braces are usually the best option. Clear aligners can typically be used to treat such issues as well, so the patient can straighten their teeth without compromising their smile.

Veneers are rarely recommended when a patient has healthy teeth since it requires the removal of some enamel. It is removed so the veneers do not make the person's teeth appear bigger than they should be. Removing enamel is a permanent procedure that cannot be reversed. It means the patient will likely need to live with veneers for the rest of their life. However, if the patient's teeth already have significant problems, like stains that do not respond to whitening treatments or are deformed, veneers are a great option to straighten teeth since multiple issues besides the patient's poor teeth alignment are being fixed with them. Other dental issues that make veneers a great choice for teeth straightening include:

  • Poorly-shaped teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Damaged teeth
  • Decaying teeth

The process of getting veneers

Getting veneers for orthodontic reasons starts with a consultation. The patient's teeth will be examined to determine the best way to straighten them and if they have enough dental issues to justify straightening their teeth with veneers.

While veneers instantly straighten a person's smile, that is not necessarily a good reason to choose them for teeth straightening. Metal braces and clear aligners typically do not damage teeth so the patient gets to enjoy a straighter smile made up of their real teeth when they use these appliances.

Only patients who have badly damaged and discolored teeth should consider addressing their orthodontic issues with veneers.

The process starts with the dentist preparing the patient's teeth by removing portions of the enamel. A shot of a local anesthetic will be administered before that starts. An impression or digital images of the patient's mouth will be taken and the information will be used to make their customized veneers. The dentist will fit the patient with temporary veneers while they wait for a dental lab to make their custom veneers, which takes about two weeks.

Straighten your smile with veneers

Call our {(CITY}} clinic to find out whether teeth straightening with veneers is right for you. Our dentist can also educate you about other options, like braces.

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