Signs of a Chipped Dental Filling

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Aug 24 2020, 05:19 AM

A dental filling can help replace tooth structure that is lost to decay. Fillings can protect your teeth for many years. But if a filling chips, it may need to be replaced. You can know if a replacement is necessary by looking for signs and symptoms of problems at home. If you notice any problems, you should seek immediate care.

Dental filling replacement

Dental fillings are designed to be tough and long-lasting. But eventually, all dental fillings need to be replaced. Fillings also need to be replaced if they are chipped or broken. Many problems with fillings can be attributed to tooth wear from clenching or grinding or new decay around the filling. Not replacing fillings can lead to a myriad of problems, like a fractured or chipped tooth, abscesses, or infection. Here are signs of a broken or chipped dental filling a patient should watch out for.


A sharp and throbbing pain might be a sign that a filling needs to be replaced. A person may feel pain when eating or drinking or even when not doing anything. The pain may go away quickly or it may linger for a couple of minutes. Scheduling a dental appointment may be necessary especially if the pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

There are several ways to ease the pain at home. Certain medications can help reduce pain and swelling. A person can also benefit from applying clove oil to the exposed tooth and gum. Using a whole clove is also recommended. Using an ice pack or cold compress can also relieve pain and swelling.

Chipped teeth

It is not uncommon for a person not to see a problematic filling. But a chipped or fractured tooth may be an indicator that a filling needs to be replaced. A person who has physical symptoms but cannot see any cracked or missing fillings should check the surrounding teeth. They may have fractures or chips that need the attention of a dental provider.

A person should use the tongue to identify any missing structures or sharp edges. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before looking for fractured or chipped teeth is recommended. This can help prevent infection. But a person should be aware that sometimes it may be hard to detect small cracks and chips with the eye alone.


Regular dental exams are important because issues with fillings can be detected by the dentist at an early stage. A dentist can detect problems with fillings during a regular checkup. If the dental filling has failed, replacing it may be recommended. If problems are detected early, it can lessen the need for extensive and costly procedures.

Bottom line

If you are concerned you have a chipped dental filling, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. This will prevent the development of other serious complications. Once at the dental office, your dentist will determine the most ideal treatment. But remember, visiting the dentist on a regular basis can help in the early detection of problems. This will make it easier for the dentist to address any issues.

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