Recovery Period After Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Dr. Panchal on Jan 6 2020, 07:11 AM

You are about to get root canal treatment and cannot help but wonder about the recovery. Recovering from root canal used to be quite an ordeal, but advancements in dentistry have made the experience more pleasant. Still, this is a major dental procedure, and your mouth will need time to recover. Find out what to expect during the recovery process.

What to expect after root canal treatment

Patients can resume normal activities as soon as the anesthesia wears off after the procedure. While people can go back to work or school, it is normal to experience some discomfort right after the procedure. Patients also need to be mindful of what they eat and avoid putting pressure on the tooth. Also, people need to know the signs that indicate a trip to the dentist is in order.

Discomfort after a root canal

Most people experience some mild sensitivity and discomfort for three days after a root canal procedure. The degree of discomfort depends on the severity of the inflammation or swelling prior to the procedure. In some cases, dentists prescribe pain medication. However, most people can effectively manage the pain using over-the-counter pain relievers.

Eating after a root canal

During the recovery period, people need to be mindful of the foods they eat. Dentists recommend eating soft foods such as oatmeal or soup when recovering. However, it is important to avoid making the soup too hot as that can cause sensitivity. Patients should also avoid sticky and hard foods if they have a temporary crown in place. These foods can break or crack the temporary crown. After the permanent crown is in place and the patient has recovered, the dietary restrictions will no longer be in place.

Avoid pressure on the tooth

For the first several days after a root canal, patients should avoid putting much pressure on the tooth. Biting forces can increase the level of discomfort, which in turn makes it difficult to eat. Simply chewing on the other side of the mouth for several days solves this problem. Then, when the area is healed, patients can chew normally once again.

Signs to go to the dentist

Most people recover from root canals without any issues. However, some people do have complications that require an additional trip to the dentist. Those who have severe pain that does not go away after a few days or significant swelling inside or outside of the mouth should contact the dentist. Patients should also call the dentist if the bite does not feel even or if the temporary crown falls out.

Occasionally, the symptoms patients experienced before getting the root canal return. This could mean that a canal was missed during the treatment, or the infection was not completely cleared up. Patients should return to the dentist for an examination. The dentist can then recommend a treatment option.

Do you need a root canal?

If you need root canal treatment, your dentist will provide you with specific recovery instructions. However, you can expect to experience some discomfort for a few days. Be mindful of the foods you eat during the recovery period and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. If you experience pain or other serious symptoms several days after treatment, go back to the dentist.

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