Natural-looking Implant Supported Dentures

Posted by Dr. Panchal on Nov 25 2019, 07:14 AM

If you are considering getting implant-supported dentures, you must also get implants. After all, implant-supported dentures need something to attach to. These types of dentures are an ideal choice if you do not have any remaining teeth. However, you need to have enough jawbone remaining to support dental implants. Once you get implant-supported dentures, though, you should care for them as you would your natural teeth. Each morning and night you should brush and rinse the dentures.

How implant-supported dentures work

There are two different types of implant-supported dentures, including ball-retained and bar-retained. Both types are made with an acrylic base to resemble the wearer’s gums while acrylic or porcelain teeth are attached to the base. With bar-retained dentures, a metal bar along the curve of the wearer’s jaw is attached to up to five dental implants. From there, clips are attached to the bar or denture, sometimes both. Once secure, the denture is fit over the bar before it is secured by the attachments.

With ball-retained dentures, dental implants hold metal attachments fitted into other attachments along with the denture. This particular denture gets its name due to the ball-like shape of the attachments. These attachments fit securely inside sockets along with the denture. Once secured, the wearer does not have to worry about the denture slipping out of place.

About the implant-supported denture process

The process of getting dentures is a lengthy one. Therefore, patients should be certain they are getting the right ones. First, a general dentist decides what type of implant-supported denture a wearer will need. Then, the process will begin by scheduling an appointment to place implants in the jawbone.

Once completed, a wearer will rest about three to six months so their gums can heal. Then a second procedure will take place to attach the rest of the denture. The process in its entirety typically takes about seven months to complete. In some cases, though, it may take up to a year.

There are many benefits to implant-supported dentures. An implant-supported denture preserves any remaining bone for a while. On top of that, it is one of the few types of dentures that adds strength to a wearer’s bite, so one can eat whatever suits them. Additionally, compared to traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures do not require as much maintenance. Implant-supported dentures increase denture wearer’s chewing efficiency. In addition to that, they offer the following benefits:

  • Improved ability to speak
  • Improved appearance
  • Decreased gum tissue irritation
  • No need for denture adhesives

Learn what type of implant-supported dentures is right for you

If you are a good candidate for implant-supported dentures, discuss your options with a general dentist. Both ball-retained and bar-retained dentures are ideal choices if you are seeking a sturdy denture that will not slip out of place. Additionally, both types of dentures make it easier to chew foods and speak. Contact your dentist for more details.

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