Missing Teeth? Consider a Smile Makeover

Posted by Dr. Panchal on Oct 14 2019, 08:33 AM

Losing an adult tooth can be worrisome, but a smile makeover can offer a lasting solution to this problem. Not only can self-confidence take a hit by having missing teeth, but the jawbone also suffers the consequences. Bone deterioration can start once the tooth is lost, causing the shape of the face to change and making the person look older than they are.

Missing teeth can happen due to gum disease, a sports injury, an accident, or infection. Although many are usually eager to replace missing front teeth than back teeth, delaying tooth restoration, especially the molars, is inadvisable.

Smile makeover options for missing teeth

The function of the teeth goes beyond chewing food and speech only. They play a crucial role in maintaining the shape and length of the face. With time, a person with lost teeth can start experiencing a diminishing jawbone. Before the facial muscles begin to slack, a patient can consider any of the following restorative options in a smile makeover.

Fixed dental bridge

The fixed dental bridge is a prosthetic dental restoration. It consists of a porcelain crown connected to hidden clasps to attach to healthy teeth on either side of the gap for support. Bridges are irremovable and can survive for several years with proper maintenance.


If the complete set of teeth on a dental arch is missing (either on the upper or lower jaw), then dentures might be the best option. A partial denture is for replacing a few missing teeth. Technological advancements have made it possible to develop dentures that are comfortable, stable, and easy to maintain, removing common concerns associated with traditional dentures. The prosthetic teeth are created from porcelain and may be held in position with denture adhesive or connected to existing teeth or dental implants.

Dental implants

Although dental bridges and dentures are great ways to replace missing teeth, dental implants remain the most effective and stable method of dental restoration. Once the implants are inserted, the patient should never have to fear that their restoration will slip out awkwardly. Dental implants are secure, with function and appearance similar to natural teeth.

Simply put, dental implants are a permanent substitute to dentures and require no special care other than routine oral care. Most importantly, dental implants replace the tooth roots and offer stimulation to the jawbone, thus preventing bone deterioration.

The jawbone receives stimulation from the tooth roots when chewing and biting, which is lost with missing teeth. The gap also allows existing teeth to move, causing teeth misalignment. Missing teeth predisposes you to a higher risk of gum disease because that space could become a breeding ground for plaque bacteria.

In conclusion

The truth is that life is harder with missing teeth: Chewing is difficult and speech is sometimes impaired. Getting a smile makeover will transform the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, contact your dentist about dental restoration options to receive an awesome smile makeover.

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