Is a Kid Friendly Dentist in Hanford Part of a General Dentistry Group?

Posted by DR. Panchal on Nov 15 2019, 07:18 AM

When trying to find a kid-friendly dentist in Hanford, it can be helpful to pick one who is part of a general dentistry group. This can help provide advantages over a solo dental practice. While it may take more effort to find a dentistry group willing to accept children as patients, the benefits are usually worth it.


According to the Journal of Dental Education, a general dentistry group must have at least three dentists. A group of this type would be considered small. A large dentistry group can have over 500 employees and office locations nationwide. Using a dental group may be convenient in many ways.


When attempting to schedule an appointment with a solo dentist practice, it can often be difficult to get one booked at a convenient time because all the patients are vying for similar days and time slots. Especially if the dentist has a large client base, the doctor-to-patient ratio can make scheduling a real issue. One advantage of using a dentistry group is there are more dentists to choose from, and it can be easier to find a convenient appointment for a kid-friendly dentist in Hanford.


Another issue with solo dental practices is there is typically only one location. Sometimes the office is located in an area of town that is difficult to reach or overcrowded during certain hours. Dentistry groups, on the other hand, may have several locations in one city or even many across the state or country. When one location is difficult to reach because of the distance or traffic, simply choose another that is more accessible.

Dental options

Most general dentistry groups have at least one dentist who concentrates on a particular field. This means if a child visits a general dentist and needs some oral surgery, there is no long, involved referral process to go from one practice to another. There is also usually no need to switch locations to see another professional since they typically accommodate patients at multiple offices within the group.

Treatment range

When a solo dentist is unsure about a treatment plan, it may be necessary to get a second opinion. With more dentists on staff, a dental group can diagnose and treat just about anything on site. Multiple dentists also allow for collaboration on patient concerns and treatment plans in order to provide excellent patient care. Because larger groups assume less financial risk, more types of insurance are usually accepted by a group than by a solo dentist. A dental group is also more likely to have at least one dentist on staff experienced at working with children.


When looking up information on a kid-friendly dentist in Hanford, find one who is part of a dental group to help ensure an overall convenient and positive experience for both parents and children. Everything from scheduling to treatment can be easier when the dentist is associated with a group. Look for a list of dentists or professionals involved with the group to identify it is not a solo practice.

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