Importance of routine consultations

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Mar 24 2021, 10:30 AM

Do you visit your dentist once every six months to get an overall dental examination done? If not, you should definitely consider it, as routine consultations with the dentist help us to get a better understanding of your oral health and suggest necessary treatment to neutralize your oral conditions. Here’s a brief read about why you should visit the dentist regularly for dental consultations.

Oral cleaning

Have you noticed dark patches on your teeth, especially near the gum line or at the intersection of two teeth? These patches are called tartar, which are microbial accumulations responsible for the occurrence of cavities and gum diseases. When tartar isn’t removed from time-to-time, it could upset your oral health to a large extent. During a routine dental consultation, the dentist will remove these microbial deposits by ultrasonic scaling and wash away the residues using a jet of water. In case you have gum disease, we may also perform root planing to clean the tooth roots and clear out the deep gum pockets. This procedure is called root planing or deep cleaning.

Tooth-colored fillings

Filings are used to restore teeth that are infected by cavities. Earlier, fillings were made from metal, such as gold, silver, amalgam, etc. But, they posed several disadvantages to an individual’s oral health, such as displeasing appearance, risk of tooth damage, toxic contamination, etc. Hence, they have been replaced by tooth-colored fillings made from dental-grade ceramic or composite resin. The dentist will thoroughly prepare the cavity by removing the decay and the tartar deposits before filling it. Next, the filling will be prepared and placed in the cavity, after which it will be shaped accordingly and hardened. Fillings restore the shape and structural integrity of a tooth along with providing excellent sealing properties that prevent reinfection.

Overall diagnosis

Apart from these procedures, the dentist will also look into various factors that could impact your oral health. Some of them are:

Restorations:Tooth-colored restorations made from dental-grade ceramic will be used to restore the strength and shape of the teeth. They also bring back oral functionality. Some of the popular restorations are dental crowns, bridges, veneers, etc.

Cosmetic solutions:The dentist will provide suitable cosmetic dental solutions so that you can sport a more beautiful smile. Some of them are teeth whitening, composite bonding, etc.

Orthodontics: A thorough diagnosis will be conducted to determine any issues with your bite. If the presence of malocclusion is detected, we will provide suitable orthodontic solutions by means of dental braces or Invisalign.

Periodontal treatment: The health of the gums is just as important as that of the teeth. In case you have developed gum disease, suitable treatment will be given in the form of oral cleaning, gum contouring, gum grafting, and laser therapy.

X-rays: Oral x-rays provide a comprehensive view of the mouth when the dentist has to diagnose certain oral conditions. We use x-rays while treating cavities, malocclusion, missing or damaged teeth, root canal infection, etc.

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