How to Avoid Staining Clear Braces

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Aug 13 2020, 05:29 AM

If you wear clear braces, you probably chose this option to avoid standing out. These braces are usually made of porcelain or ceramic, the same material dentists use to make crowns. Because they are a natural tooth color, they are virtually invisible. Over time, these braces can stain, though you can keep them clear by taking a few steps.

Benefits of clear braces

Though these types of braces work similarly to traditional metal ones, there are certain benefits. Many people do not like how metal braces stand out or hinder a smile. The clear option is difficult to detect in another person’s mouth. This is appealing to adolescents and to adults who regularly interact with large groups. Some patients also report that the clear version is less painful and irritating than their counterparts.

Keep up on those appointments

There are multiple reasons why the dentist will ask patients to come in for regular visits. The dentist will adjust the clear braces as necessary and check on the treatment’s progress. Also, the dentist can give suggestions on how the patient can avoid discoloration of the braces. Monthly appointments are a good way to avoid the yellowing of the teeth and braces.

Even more brushing

Clear braces will start turning yellow if the patient is not cautious about promoting oral health. Adults and children alike should brush at least twice a day under normal circumstances. With these braces, it is even more important. Wearers should brush three times a day, especially after meals. This will ensure that the person removes all food and debris from the brackets. The toothbrush should be soft-bristled and the toothpaste should have fluoride.

Avoid certain foods

Some foods and drinks stain teeth and can do the same to clear braces. Red and yellow foods, such as tomatoes and mustard, are big culprits of staining. People with these braces should also be cautious about drinking too much cola, coffee, tea, and red wine. Individuals who do eat and drink these items should brush thoroughly immediately after.

Have the dentist clean them

At semiannual dental checkups, patients get teeth cleanings. When the person has clear braces, they should extend the cleaning to their brackets. The dentist will use an ultrasonic tooth to remove buildup on the braces.

Always rinse

Using an antiseptic rinse after meals can also keep the clear braces from staining. To maintain their invisibility, swish some antiseptic mouthwash around for 30 seconds to a minute. This can be an effective way to prevent discoloration of the braces and maintain good dental health.

Keep the braces clear

Without dedication on your part, your clear braces could start to turn yellow. You do not want this to happen and ruin your smile. If you brush, rinse, and visit the dentist, you should be able to keep your braces from standing out. If you need additional help eliminating stains on the brackets, speak to your dentist. While you get straight teeth, the braces will not be noticeable to other people.

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