How Long Does a Person Have to go without “Teeth” During Denture Repair?

Posted by Dr. Panchal on Feb 3 2020, 06:16 AM

Denture repair can be necessary for several reasons. Normal wear and tear from chewing pressure, acidic foods, and changing temperatures put stress on dentures. Over time, this stress can result in damage. Sometimes dropping dentures just right on a hard surface can cause them to break. Maybe changes in the mouth caused the dentures to become too loose or too tight, and the fit is off.

When denture repair is necessary, the amount of time needed to fix them can depend on the type and extent of the damage. Dentures should be fixed by a professional to avoid further deterioration of the dentures. These general timelines for the repair of dentures can give some basic idea of how long each type of restoration may take.

Structural damage

Any type of structural damage should be taken seriously and addressed quickly since it can take longer to fix these kinds of problems. Because activities like speaking and chewing can be impacted by the absence of a properly fitting denture, wearing an old or temporary denture during the repair process can help life continue as normally as possible. 

Broken in half 

In the event dentures are broken in half, the result is called a prosthesis fracture. Sometimes a break like this can be repaired at the office of a dental professional in a single visit. Other times, the dentures may need to be sent to a lab for repairs. When the dentures must be fixed by an off-site laboratory, it can take up to a month for them to be restored and sent back. 

Cracked bridge

Occasionally dentures will crack, but not break completely. If this happens, getting the crack professionally repaired as quickly as possible can prevent it from breaking all the way. This problem can usually be fixed in one visit and should help avoid longer denture repair times. 

Tooth damage

Issues with individual teeth do not usually involve as much time to fix as damages to the structure or bridge. 

Chipped or cracked teeth

Although it may seem like a minor problem, damage like this can affect the amount of stress on various parts of the denture and result in more significant problems. A chipped or cracked tooth is usually easily repaired by a dental professional in one visit. 

Missing teeth

A tooth that falls out completely might be replaced in one visit depending on the location of the tooth and the type of material it was made from. Many dental offices that offer dentures and denture repair keep a supply of extra teeth on hand for such occasions. When the tooth is made from a more rare material, or if it was custom fit, it might require longer to fix it. 


Denture issues are not uncommon due to the amount of daily stress the denture is under. When damages occur, getting the denture professionally fixed can prevent further damage and allow for faster repair times. Denture repair can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the type and severity of the damages. Wearing a temporary denture while the repair is taking place can help with performing necessary functions like eating and talking. 

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