Do General Dentists Treat Children as Well as Adults

Posted by Dr. Panchal on Dec 30 2019, 07:18 AM

Understanding the functions general dentists provide to patients should help prioritize the appointment and encourage the trip. The American Dental Association strongly urges people to visit the dentist twice a year unless the provider indicates otherwise. This recommendation is based on the need for people to get regular checks of teeth and gums in an effort to thwart unhealthy bacteria from growing into a more significant medical issue. Learn how children and adults can benefit from regular trips to the general dentist.

Annual checkups a must for kids and adults

Going twice a year to the dentist helps establish a healthy dental routine. While children may need to go to have their dental growth monitored, adults, too, need regular dental care to ensure the mouth stays healthy. Sugary food and beverages aid in the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Natural elements in the saliva helps wash away these invaders; however, it cannot do it alone. General dentists have the knowledge and tools to help stop bacteria from causing decay, and if the process has begun, these providers can help prevent it from getting worse.

Establish healthy routines for children early

Children need to start off with a healthy oral routine. Doing so will set the stage for prioritizing this body system well into adulthood. Making sure kids go to the dentist when suggested (also twice yearly) is one way to develop a solid foundation for years to come.

Visit when the first tooth erupts

Knowing when a child should first visit the dentist is the first step in getting them on the correct dental health path. The American Dental Association recommends that children go to the dentist when the first tooth breaks through, but no later than the age of 2. This can set a baseline with general dentists and allow a proper relationship to develop.

Learn proper brushing and flossing for every age and stage

Parents need to know how to care for baby teeth. Brushing is not the same at every age. Baby teeth require special toothpaste or none at all. A general dentist can demonstrate the proper brushing technique to be used at every stage in tooth development. As soon as children get old enough to take over brushing, the dentist will want to continue monitoring the progress.

Professional cleanings general dentists provide a must

Dentists do not only monitor the growth and development of teeth in the mouth but also administer professional cleanings. Plaque and tartar are difficult to see and even tougher to remove with regular brushing alone. Failure to clean the teeth, however, may result in tooth decay and gum disease. If allowed to remain on the teeth too long, bacteria eventually burrow through, creating cavities and resulting in problems under the gums.


General dentists play an integral role in maintaining oral health. Establishing a dentist who can treat adults and children equally may help in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease for the family unit.

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