4 Questions To Ask a Geriatric Dentist

Posted by DR. PANCHAL on Oct 16 2020, 03:01 AM

Wondering if a geriatric dentist is a better fit for you now that you are getting older? There are a variety of dental problems that older patients are more susceptible to, which increases the risk of being diagnosed with dental-related problems. When you choose a dentist who understands what older dental patients require in order to continue experiencing good oral health, you are more likely to experience that good oral health.

Common dental problems associated with aging

Learning more about how a geriatric dentist can help you as you age is a great idea. There are many different types of dental problems that are associated with aging, making it a good idea for you to be aware of these problems. Some of the more common problems associated with aging include dry mouth, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and dentures that do not fit as well as they should. A dentist who has decided to focus on geriatric dental patients still uses common dental treatments, like fillings, implants, and dental crowns.

According to the American Dental Association, as you age it becomes even more important to take good care of your teeth and dental health.

4 questions to ask a geriatric dentist

The following is a list of four questions recommended for dental patients who are aging, as these questions will allow them to make the right decision.

#1 – Do I need to make more dental appointments?

Many geriatric dentists will recommend that their patients make dental appointments every six months. Twice a year dental appointments are necessary for older patients, as this allows the dentist to ensure that they are indeed experiencing good oral health. If any oral problems arise, they can be addressed in a timely manner.

#2 – Can you help me better deal with my physical challenges?

Physical challenges are often a part of aging. These challenges can make it difficult for some dental patients to provide themselves with the proper oral care they need to ensure their mouth is healthy. A geriatric dentist can help by assisting these patients with their physical challenges, which can include offering them certain types of toothbrushes and dental floss devices that are easy to hold onto.

#3 – How do you treat dry mouth?

There are a few different types of dry mouth treatments a geriatric dentist will offer their patients. These treatments include but are not limited to sipping water throughout the day, sucking on sugarless candies, using fluoride to protect the teeth, and prescribing medication when all else fails.

#4 – Should I choose dental implants or dentures?

Aging adults who are missing many teeth need to choose a tooth replacement option. Asking a geriatric dentist for their professional opinion on which replacement option they would recommend helps them make the right decision.

Ready to make an appointment?

Now that you understand more about what a geriatric dentist can do for you, are you ready to make a consultation appointment for more information? As you age, you want to be sure that your oral health continues to be in good shape. When you decide to use a dentist who understands the many dental problems related to aging, you are making a decision that ensures your continued oral health.

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